July 4th Independence Day Sale

20% Off Top* Auto Focus Lenses

Use Code: JULY20


*Applies to the following models:

12mm F2.0 Sony E - SYIO12AF-E
12mm F2.0 Fuji X - SYIO12AF-FX
14mm F2.8 Canon EF - SYIO14AF-C
14mm F2.8 Nikon F - SYIO14AF-N
14mm F2.8 Sony E - SYIO14AF-E
18mm F2.8 Sony E - SYIO18AF-E
24mm F1.8 Sony E - SYIO2418-E
24mm F2.8 Sony E - SYIO24AF-E
24-70mm F2.8 Zoom Sony E - SYIO2470AFZ-E
35mm F1.4 Sony E - SYIO3514-E
35mm F1.4 Series II Sony E - SYIO35SE2-E
35mm F1.8 Sony E - SYIO3518-E
35mm F2.8 Sony E - SYIO35AF-E
45mm F1.8 Sony E - SYIO45AF-E
50mm F1.4 Sony E - SYIO50AF-E
50mm F1.4 Series II Sony E - SYIO5014-E
75mm F1.8 Sony E - SYIO75AF-E
85mm F1.4 Canon EF - SYIO85AF-C
85mm F1.4 Nikon F - SYIO85AF-N
85mm F1.4 Sony E - SYIO85AF-E

Discount can not be applied retroactively. Sale is active for a limited time only.

ENDS June 30th, 2024

Use Code: June10

*Excludes all pre-order products. Can only be used once and cannot be combined with other promotions.