The Benefits of Using a Cinema Lens To Film Documentaries

The Benefits of Using a Cinema Lens To Film Documentaries

Any time you’re considering breaking into film work and videography, the upgrades you need to make to your camera kit can be expensive and extensive. While this may feel challenging to accomplish, the payoff is usually worth it. Looking into using a cinema lens comes with a lot of homework and additional guidance. Here, we explain some of the primary benefits of a cinema lens for things like documentaries.

What Is a Cinema Lens?

It’s essential to understand a cinema lens’ design. These are intricately designed for recording motion and filming video. They house exceptional focal point strengths and feature aperture rings with manual adjustment markers. A filmmaker can adjust the settings as necessary per the demands of the environment.

Now let’s look at some of the most significant benefits!

Cinema Lenses Reduce Breathing

There is an effect in photos and films called breathing. This is when we switch the focus, and it appears as though the image scale is changing in size. For a still lens, this isn’t as noticeable because there is a lack of motion.

While shooting a video, this can become distracting and visually difficult to process, so finding a way to minimize or reduce this effect is essential. Cinema lenses are excellent for avoiding these nuisances.

Enhanced Aperture Features

The aperture settings on a cinema lens are precise and enable a filmmaker to align the settings precisely to record a shot. In addition to the fixed aperture, the zoom is parfocal. A parfocal zoom means the lens will remain focused even when the length changes.

Another great benefit when using a cinema lens to shoot a documentary is these functions reduce vignetting. The result of these functions enables a filmmaker to remain consistent in filming and gain full control over the focus strength.

Manual Focus Functions

Because there isn’t an electronic communication between the lens and the camera body, filmmakers have to manually focus the cinema lens. Many cinema lenses have a focus ring that is manually adjustable, and this creates inclusion between attachments.

Choosing a cinema lens is a costly adventure to take on. A Samyang XEEN lens is an excellent option for any filmmaker or photographer looking to make a transition. The benefits of using a cinema lens will pay off, and with enough practice, your films and documentaries will be quality content.

Reach out to Samyang US today to learn more about these unique additions!

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